When she say goodbye..

She will say goodbye just like how she says goodnight, calmly, safe, comes within a promise of there will always a tomorrow for her to stay.

She will not give you a grasp that this will be the end of everything about you, and her and me and everything between the fantasies and reality.

The songs

will just be a song.

The poems

will just be a poem. Empty verses. Dull lines.

The road

will take her to every places she is destined to be there if she does not bump into yours.

The line in every book

she had read will forever be in pages, in ink, not in her life, nor in her story.

The sunset

 will not be the scenery you’ve once watch, witnessed with your plans but a simple drifting down of the sun that tomorrow will appear and the day will also come as a routine that can be never be change even before you came into her life.

Your name.

Will not just be a name she’ve once encountered and be familiar with. But,

A wrecking ball.

That every time she will hear it, or saw it, or at least glimpse of it.

It will destroy her, ruin her, smash her, break her into the most microscopic form. Until when is not the question because the answer will be and just be Any time, since that day. 

Years, decades, millennials, lightyear is nothing compared to the moments she treasured with you.

But, in spite of that;

she will smile.

But this doesn’t mean that she is not hurt anymore.

She’s just not capable of feeling anything.

She does not know what to feel.

She’s not hurt, but numb.


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