The Journey Once I Took

The Journey Once I Took

(but wished I never had)



Ye shall receive thou awards, and judging eyes will gaze upon you.

Ye shall say your thoughts, they will smirk for your stupidity

Do not regret if you chose this quest!

For you have the delight to discover the chest

Of love and sorrow, wonders and such, knowledge is must!


Minds are the blades, mouths are the bombs

Blast thy will may, and you are one of toughs!

Seek the truth, unleash the root, see how they face thy labyrinth of laughing stock,

As long as you are tight with the right track


Don’t mind if I say this, but to whom is this for?

You are nothing but a myth, an unbelievable folklore

You do nothing but to learn, read, argue and contradict,

Is that what you need to have a food to eat?

Come and join us, liberal’s for weak!


Why do you have to shut those eyes? With thoust believe, I know you can’t lie

Reality’s in here knocking your door, is this what you called life?


Don’t get me wrong, if one day I’ll quit,

To this fantasy, I’m pleasured as if,

it’s not because I’m dumb, but I am over discreet

—-To some bodies, smart enough devoted their souls

For this field in my pad, oh they want them all!

—-To embrace and they owned.


The poet will say, all of heads up here, just feel at home!

 The imbeciles and freaks will take the walk, hoard thy all knowledge

See them leave, pathetic quitters, we don’t need ignorants for our masterpiece

For they are drips of ink misplaced upon a sheet.


But keep in mind accidents are destined to put up some leaks,

Excusable but, embarks permanently


We see phases and aspects, in all variety.

Hi gentleman, how about personality?

He said ‘oh, why should i bother? Ask the psychology.


I laugh but there’s a tear in peace, maybe books you’ve all read turned you into numb

But if inside’s as foul as beast, i’d rather be dumb!


You are an outcast if you leave certain pages unfold,

You are an outcast if you didn’t flip it in a thousand notes,


You are an outcast if you don’t recognize such quote,

You are an outcast if you haven’t treat books as gold


You are an outcast if you are overlooked,

You are an outcast if you hadn’t read those books,


You are an outcast if you can explain it all,

You are an outcast even if you tried to stand tall,


You are an outcast if you join the bandwagon,

You are an outcast if you do not care at all


Now tell me now, it’s a free-way journey, if I’ll be with this intellectual all through out.

Standards are high, yet I am not ready to halt!

There’s no scapegoat but shut it, close thy ears and do the monkey thing.

‘Till we see again in enlightened mode of thinking.

When knowledge is not for hoarding!


But a food to share, no use for bragging.


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