I never been so thankful like this even before. Everything seems so fine since I chose to be with you. You keep on reminding me every time that choosing you is not a thing to doubt for. First 5 months of the year, with this time span you never let me down. You let me believe that being on your way is worth it. That choosing to take the path and trust you is not even a choice. But a promise. A promise of assurance. A promise of tomorrow without doubts. Not a promise of a perfection but, contentment and peace of mind. You keep me assured of a tomorrow with trials and struggles, but with a reminder of its door way out. You taught me the word “wait” and the importance of time. Not merely its lexical meaning but its essence. Recalling my cries 6 years ago, last month, you chose to wipe it with joy.

Amazed me with every single detail I recall that day I went home crying with mixed disappointment, confusion, anger, sadness, anxiety, self-pity and all the words that describes a severe sadness. Trust me, it’s a genuine moment when everything sinks in, clearing why this and that happened. A speechless moment of your life you must not miss. Since that day, I long for that feeling. I learned to want that feeling in many forms. I deeply thank you for that. For a privilege to let me feel that.

“Wait” is a promise you keep. “Wait” is a manner of choice. “Wait” is your mechanism of strongholds. “Wait” is another word for “trust me”. “Wait” may not take a minute, or an hour, months or years. Sometimes, it may take a single step, and two, three, four and so on till you unconsciously achieved what you’re waiting for. This is for all the heads up there who’re thinking they are not worth it. Waiting might be a cliché but, if you turn your heads on some things you can do, do what you can, with sparkling glitters of your best shot, believe, and trust. After you’ve done these, and still fail, repeat. Do not let yourself be tired of trying. Exhaustion might be next to quitting, but it’s a normal act. Be this your mantra: Let the success you desire be the rest you need.

And to you, who keeps on telling me to wait. Thank you. I’ll let you hold my hand from now on. We’re a team now. I’ll be a doer of your plan, and you’ll be my blueprint. So, when the dark mist arrives, I will not rush to wipe out the fog, but instead I will blow it up as long as I can and say: “Lord, I’ll wait.”


One thought on “WILLING TO WAIT?

  1. Hi this is my response to #NoEditChallenge my colleague dare me to do. The thing is, to post a work of mine which do not undergo my revision. Merely what just i wrote that moment, no less and much.


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